We might not be family, but we are—fiduciary speaking—the next closest thing.

Rochester Investments has special experience partnering with families to manage next-generation wealth.

We’re comfortable working with multi-generational households, and our wealth management approach helps your family create a confident future.

In the process we review your estate planning, and we go over the reasons for setting up a trust and if so which one.

Some of the benefits setting up a trust might be:

  • Avoiding Probate
  • Saving Taxes
  • Asset Protection
  • Asset Privacy
  • Restrictions and Incentives for Children
  • Providing a Plan for Incompetency

There are many benefits to estate planning but there are many risks and problems that are created by not having an estate plan in place. The reason and benefit that is important to you will depend on your own situation. Let’s discuss yours and make it a solid one!

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