IRA Rochester NY

Have you recently changed jobs? You may be wondering what to do with your 401k plan. Understanding your options and making informed financial decisions could help keep you stay on track for a comfortable retirement.

When you change jobs you may feel comfortable leaving your plan with your previous employer, due to familiarity,  but you might also want to consider rolling over your 401k or 403b plan to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

IRA rollover allows you to continue delaying income taxes on your retirement planning assets and avoid an early-withdrawal penalty but unlike your employer-funded retirement plans an IRA through us will offer significantly more investment options.

If you just started a business we can help you set up a Solo 401k plan that helps you maximize your retirement savings and save money on taxes.

By working with us, Rochester Investments will help you develop an investment plan, and we’ll monitor and rebalance your investments periodically so you can focus on other things that are important to you.

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