Why should I choose a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) for financial services?

Unlike financial advisors who charge fees and commissions, we are compensated simply for giving you a sound advice and for managing your investments. We have no incentive to selling you any particular products other than making recommendations we believe are in your best interest.


What else is different about Rochester Investments?

From the first time we get together to talk about your dreams, your worries, and your life experiences and goals, you’ll have a true, objective partner in planning your financial future—and a collaborator who cares about your life and can put your mind at ease.


What credentials does your firm have?

Our team includes professionals with years of experience across all kinds of financial services firms. Our professionals can help you with every financial consideration, from retirement planning to tax time, all tailored around your life.


What kind of client is right for Rochester Investments?

Our team likes to work with clients who are ready to commit to a long-term plan, exercise discipline, and engage us in their lives as their needs change. Open communication, friendly conversation, and mutual respect are hallmarks of our client relationships.


If I work with Rochester Investments, when will things start heading in the right direction?

It all depends on where you are today and the goals you have in mind. We work hard from Day 1 to assess your situation, craft a personalized plan for you, and spring it into action. Once we have a signed agreement and we’re managing your assets, you’ll begin to see your personalized plan and investment strategy take shape. And, of course, we’ll be in regular contact to explain what’s happening with your portfolio.


Who at Rochester Investments will be part of my relationship with the firm?

We offer clients the best of both worlds: you have a dedicated contact who will be your primary advisor, plus a team with a range of experience that your advisor can turn to for a wealth of knowledge. That’s how Rochester Investments is able to cultivate personalized client relationships with advisors who get to know your situation in fine detail while offering you a team of professionals with collective decades of know-how and insight.


What can I expect to pay for your services?

As your fiduciary, we have an ethical duty to put your interests above everything. You will never be charged a commission. Our fee equals to a percentage of the total assets we manage on your behalf, starting at 1% and decreasing as those assets increase. Our fees are on a total amount of assets, so you’ll get a discount if you have a number of accounts that add up to the break points.


How often will I hear from Rochester Investments?

We believe that is critical to be in regular contact with you, our client, so you can understand what current market conditions mean for you—and to check in to make sure you’re comfortable and all of your questions are answered. We schedule regular meetings with clients to address changes and new considerations in your plan, such as recommendations for adjusting your asset allocation. We also deliver routine communications, including a quarterly newsletter with updates about the market, responses to current events, and what to watch for next.


Above all, we love what we do, we live and breathe finance, and we absolutely care about our clients!!!

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